Coaching Technique

Our Process

We take an inventory of your stated values to see how you currently violate them and/or support them.  We build a physical picture of how your life stands now.  We use this physical representation to decide the area most important for you to work on.  We use tools such as: Advocating for the self, positive self talk, education, new experiences, and telling better stories.  The tools help us form new synaptic connections and transform who we are into who we want to be.  Concurrently we remove the current barriers to your success such as: Negative self talk, poor story telling, and habits you have that point away from success.  The removing of the barriers break synaptic connections that have hard wired and formed your current identity.  In combination you will use the tools and removal of barriers to reprogram yourself.  You will succeed in whatever subject you want coached through because you will transform your thinking, behavior, habits, and brain wiring. You Kann do it!

The Subjects We Coach

  • Depression
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Spirituality
  • Well-being
  • Health
  • Monthly Package $299/month
  • Intensive reprogramming package $7,800 for one year